Interim Policies and Procedures for ISD

ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures-2022

Number Policy Topic
22-02 2022 Mileage and Lodging Rates
22-01 Amendment COVID-19 Waiver-Recertification Processign Rules


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures-2021

Number Policy Topic
21-04 Amended-15 Percent Increase SNAP
21-02 COVID Relief Act Expanding Student SNAP Eligibility
21-01 Mileage Rates and Deduction Guidelines


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2020

Number Policy Topic
20-25 RESCINDED Amendment to Adjustments to SNAP and Cash Processes
20-24 State Option for Telephonic Signature
20-23 RESCINDED Amendment to Adjustments to Interim Report, the Recertification Process and Waiver of Initial Interview for SNAP
20-21 Revision-Pandemic-EBT
20-19 RESCINDED Pandemic-EBT
20-15 RESCINDED Amendment to Telephonic Signature Waiver
20-08 Amendment to SNAP Supplement Waiver
20-06 RESCINDED Amendment to Waiver – Interview Process for SNAP and TANF and Waiver – Recertification Waiver Process for SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid

ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2019

Number Policy Topic
19-03 Remove the Requirement of an Interview for LIHEAP
19-02 Corrected Citation in General Work Requirements
19-01 2019 Mileage and Lodging Rates Deduction Guidelines


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2018

Number Policy Topic
18-05 Voluntary E&T Program
18-04 Homeless Individuals and Chronic Homeless Individuals – Defined; Homeless Shelter Standard and Deductions; and Unfit for Employment Exemption
18-02 Clarification on Disregard of Dependent Benefit from Unemployment Compensation Benefits (UCB)
18-01 2018 Mileage Reimbursement and Deduction Guidelines


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2017

Number Policy Topic
17-06 IEVS ISD 202/ISD 201 Closures
17-05 Wage Subsidy Service Process for Clerical Support
17-03 Mandatory Verification Process between SNAP and Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
17-01 RESCINDED – 2017 Mileage Reimbursement and Deduction Rates


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2016

Number Policy Topic
16-07 RESCINDED – 2016 Mileage Reimbursement Guideline
16-05 RESCINDED – Mileage Reimbursement and Deduction Rates
16-04 Intuit (Turbo Tax) Benefit Assist Program
16-03 RESCINDED – District Judge Gonzales Temporary Injunction on ABAWD time limit
16-01 Wage Subsidy Process


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2015

Number Policy Topic
15-16 RESCINDED – Exemptions from E&T and ABAWD Requirements RESCINDED
15-15 RESCINDED – Definition of an Individual who is physically or mentally unfit for employment for E&T exemption for SNAP
15-14 ISD Travel Protocol
15-13 Shelters for Battered Persons
15-12 SNAP and Medicaid Interviews and Verifications for Iniital Applications
15-11 SNAP Expedite Processing
15-10 SNAP and Medicaid Changes and Recertifications
15-09 SNAP and Medicaid Application Processing
15-08 RESCINDED – Wage Subsidy Packet
15-07 SNAP Resource Limit
15-06 AMENDED Non-MAGI Medicaid Manual Administrative Renewal
15-05 Intuit (Turbo Tax) SNAP Applications
15-03 RESCINDED – Intuit (Turbo Tax) SNAP Applications
15-02 RESCINDED – IEVS ISD202 closures-
15-01 RESCINDED – Mandatory Verification Process between Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2014

Number Policy Topic
14-14 SNAP Resource Limit Increase 2014-2015
14-13 RESCINDED – ABAWD Phone Script Instructions
14-12 CEASE ABAWD and E&T Implementation
14-10 Civil Rights/Rude Treatment Complaints Procedures
14-08 RESCINDED – Guidance for Student Eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Division Assistance Program (SNAP)
14-06 SNAP Joint Custody
14-04 Administrative Renewal Process for MAGI Categories of Eligibility only
14-03 Guidance for Immigrant Eligibility
14-02 Requests for Social Security Numbers and Citizenship/Immigration Status
14-01 Revised Secondary Review Requirements, Case Reads


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2013

Number Policy Topic
13-08 RESCINDED – General Assistance Recertification Process
13-07 RESCINDED – Disqualification for Mandatory SNAP Employment & Training (E&T) Participants
13-06 RESCINDED – FDPIR & SNAP – Mandatory Verification and TOP Form
13-05 RESCINDED – Veteran’s Administration (VA) Monthly Aid and Attendance Benefit
13-04 RESCINDED – SNAP Dependent Care Deduction Mileage Rate Change
13-03 RESCINDED – Self-Employment Mileage Reimbursement Deduction
13-02 Wage Subsidy
13-01 RESCINDED – Verification of SNAP Intentional Program Violation ( IPV)


ISD: Interim Policies and Procedures – 2012

 Number Policy Topic
12-08 Revised Secondary Review Requirements
12-07 RESCINDED – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Able Bodies Without Dependents Waivers for Fiscal Year 2013
12-06 (Amended) RESCINDED – Medicaid Claim Submission-Amend
12-06 RESCINDED – Medicaid Claims
12-05 SNAP Administrative Disqualification Hearing ADH Packets
12-04 RESCINDED – Correct ISD2 Coding for Manual Case Denials or Case Closures
12-03 RESCINDED – ISD2 FSMS screen changes affecting Interview Types
12-02 RESCINDED – SNAP Dependent Care Deduction – Out of Pocket Costs
12-01 Medicare Savings Programs (QMB SLIMB QI1) Closures


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