Income Support Division

 ALTSD GSA 10-630-9000-0004.pdf

Catholic Charities PSC 10-630-9000-0013.pdf

Catholic Charities PSC 10-630-9000-0015.pdf

Chief Security Statewide Price Agreement.pdf

Cook with Kids 10-630-9000-0009.pdf

Copy of FY10 Exhibit B Budget.pdf

Copy of FY10 Exhibit C Expend Bal Rept.pdf

Copy of FY10 Exhibit H – GM Services Report Detail.pdf

Copy of FY10 Exhibit I – GM Services Report Summary.pdf

Copy of ISD Contract Inventory FY10.pdf

CYFD CC Exhibits.pdf

CYFD CC GSA 10-630-9000-0019.pdf

CYFD DV CO Exhibits.pdf

CYFD DV CO GSA 10-630-9000-0012.pdf

CYFD DV Exhibits.pdf

CYFD DV GSA 10-630-9000-0001.pdf

CYFD Parent-Child GSA 10-630-9000-0005.pdf

DOH GSA 10-630-9000-0020.pdf

DOH GSA 10-630-9000-0021.pdf

ECHO PSC 09-0002 A1.pdf

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EPCAA PSC 09-0004 A1.pdf


FY10 Exhibit D Invoice.pdf

FY10 Exhibit E Invoice Trans.pdf

FY10 Exhibit F BAR.pdf

FY10 Exhibit G DWP 009 NMW Electronic Communication Exchange form and instructions.pdf

FY10 Exhibit J Works Plus security access.pdf

FY10 Exhibit K TABLE OF NUMBER OF Referrals.pdf

FY10 Exhibit L – GM Staffing Report.pdf

good shepherd.pdf

HELP NM 3 Cty PSC 09-0092 A1.pdf

HELP NM Mig PSC 09-0006 A1.pdf

HELPNM 6 Cty PSC 09-0005A1.pdf


JP Morgan .PDF

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Kids Cook GSA 10-630-9000-0003.pdf

LCPS GSA 09-630-9000-0017 A1.pdf

LCPS GSA 10-630-9000-0017.pdf

MFA Homeless GSA 10-630-9000-0002.pdf

MFA LIHEAP 10-630-9000-0088.pdf

MIDWEST CAP PSC 09-0007 A1.pdf

MRCOG GSA 10-630-9000-0011.pdf

NMSU GSA 09-630-9000-0024 A1.pdf

NMSU GSA 09-630-9000-0024 A2.pdf

NMSU GSA 09-630-9000-0024.pdf

NMSU SFI GSA 10-630-9000-0006.pdf

Optum Health 2.pdf

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Optum Health 4.pdf

Optum Health 5.pdf

Optum Health Amendment.pdf


PED Grads Exhibits.pdf

PED Grads GSA 10-630-9000-0010.pdf

PED Pre K GSA 10-630-9000-0007.pdf

Postal Pros Statewide Price Agreement.pdf

project share.pdf

Salvation Army PSC 10-630-9000-0014.pdf

SENMCAC 09-0009 PSC A1.pdf

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Vista Media PSC 08-630-9000-0070.pdf

ZUNI GSA 10-630-9000-0009.pdf

HELP-NM Employment and Training (E&T) Contract

FY21-23 HELPNM ET Contract

FY22 Exhibit B ET Budget

FY22 ET Exhibit C Invoice

SFY22 ET Exhibit D Invoice Transmittal

SFY22 ET Exhibit E BAR

FFY21 NM ET State Plan Amendment 6.23.21

Community Services Block Grant Contract Exhibits

Exhibit B Line Item Budget and Budget Detail

Exhibit C Budget Justification Narrative

Exhibit D Community Outcome Plan

Exhibit E Community Initiative Status

Exhibit F Board Roster

Exhibit G Organizational Standards Developed by the Center of Excellence


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Contract Exhibits

UNM ACCE Contract Exhibits.

Exhibit B Budget

Exhibit C Expenditure Balance Report

Exhibit D Invoice

Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal

Exhibit F Budget Adjustment Request Form (BAR)

Exhibit G Inventory Form C-063 IT

Exhibit H Inventory Form C-063 Non-IT

Department of Workforce Solutions Vocational Training SFY21 Contract Exhibits.

Exhibit B Budget

Exhibit C Expenditure Balance Report

Exhibit D Invoice

Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal

Exhibit F Budget Adjustment Request Form (BAR)

Early Childhood Education Care Department.

Exhibit B Budget

Exhibit C Program Invoice for Services Rendered

Exhibit D Invoice

Ped GRADS Contract Exhibits

Exhibit B Budget

Exhibit C Expenditure Balance Report

Exhibit D Invoice

Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal

Exhibit F GRADS

Exhibit G Financial Information Sheet for TANF Funds

Contract Tracking Sheet

NMMFA  contract exhibits

Exhibit B Budget

Exhibit C Budget Adjustment Request

CYFD KFT Contract Exhibits

Exhibit B Budget

Exhibit C Expenditure Balance Report

Exhibit D Invoice

Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal

Exhibit F Budget Adjustment Request Form (BAR)

Creative Work Solutions Contract Exhibits

Exhibit B1 NMW Combined Budget

Exhibit B2 NMW TANF Budget

Exhibit B3 NMW Care and Concern Budget

Exhibit B4 NMW Career Link Budget

Exhibit B5 Wage Subsidy Budget

Exhibit C1 Expenditure Balance Report Combined

Exhibit C2 Expenditure Balance Report TANF

Exhibit C3 Expenditure Balance Report Care and Concern

Exhibit C4 Expenditure Balance Report Career Link

Exhibit C5 Expenditure Balance Report Wage Subsidy

Exhibit D TANF Monthly Invoice

Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal Form

Exhibit F Budget Adjustment Request

Exhibit G 2 Property Control Form C-063 Over $5000 not IT Equipment

Exhibit G Property Control Form C-063 under $5000 not IT Equipment

Refugee Resettlement Program Contract Exhibits

Refugee Health Screening Exhibits

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit B

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit C

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit D

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit E

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit F

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit G

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit H- IT​​

Refugee Health Screening Exhibit H Not IT Inventory

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibits

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit B

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit C

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit D

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit E

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit F

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit H IT

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit H not IT

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit I

Refugee Health Promotion Exhibit J

Refugee School Impact Program Exhibits

Refugee School Impact Program Exhibit B  Budget​

Refugee School Impact Exhibit C Expenditure​

Refugee School Impact Exhibit D Invoice​

Refugee School Impact Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal​

Refugee School Impact Exhibit F BAR​

Refugee School Impact  Exhibit G Not IT​

Refugee School Impact  Exhibit G- IT​

Refugee School Impact Exhibit H ORR 6 Schedule D form​

Refugee Social Service Exhibit

04 Refugee Social Service Exhibit B Budget​

05 Refugee Social Service Exhibit C Expenditure​​

06 Refugee Social Service Exhibit D Invoice​​

07 Refugee Social Service Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal​​

08 Refugee Social Service Exhibit F Bar​​

09 Refugee Social Service Exhibit G- IT​​

10 Refugee Social Service Exhibit G Not IT Inventory

11 Refugee Social Service Exhibit J Emergency Rental Assistance Tracking Sheet​


Pre-Certified Victim of Human Trafficking

PCVHT Exhibit B Budget

PCVHT Exhibit C Expenditure

PCVHT Exhibit D Invoice

PCVHT Exhibit E Invoice Transmittal


PCVHT Exhibit G Letter