The Human Services Department mission is: To transform lives. Working with our partners, we design and deliver innovative, high quality health and human services that improve the security and promote independence for New Mexicans in their communities.

Developmental Disabilities Supports Division

The Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) oversees four home and community based Medicaid waiver programs. These include the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (Traditional Waiver), the Medically Fragile Waiver (Traditional Waiver), Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver and the Supports Waiver. The (DDSD) Intake and Eligibility Bureau manages the Central Registry for individuals applying for and waiting for services. DDSD also provides several State General Funded Services.

Core Values

Mission and Vision:

To serve those with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing a comprehensive system of person-centered community supports so that individuals live the lives they prefer, where they are respected, empowered, and free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Guiding Principles:

To act with:

  • Accountability
    • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and honor commitments to each other and persons supported by our waiver programs.
  • Collaboration
    • Partner with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, internal and external stakeholders to share expertise and ideas to work toward common goals.
  • Respect
    • Appreciate the dignity, knowledge, and contributions of all persons.
  • Transparency
    • Promote trust through clear and direct communication with internal and external stakeholders

To be:

  • Person Centered
    • Cultivate a safe and trusted system that is designed around individual needs.
  • Proactive
    • Identify and address risks before they become issues. Prevent isolated issues from becoming systemic.
  • Innovative
    • Implement creative solutions that anticipate individuals’ evolving needs.
  • Inclusive
    • Work with providers and educate communities in providing services that meet individuals where they are.



    Need DDSD Assistance?

    DDSD created the Regional Offices Request for Assistance RORA, system to promote communication with external and internal partners and to provide a forum for raising concerns to DDSD. DDSD will review all submitted RORAs in a timely fashion then strategically employ assistance as necessary.

    Reporting Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation

    Visit our Reporting Neglect, Abuse, Exploitation Page, to make a report.