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Supports Waiver – Service Planning & Budgets

Person Centered

The Supports Waiver participant is encouraged and supported to direct their planning and services as much as possible whether through agency-based service delivery or participant directed service delivery. No matter what the nature or severity of a person’s disability, there are many ways to identify a person’s strengths, abilities, preferences, needs, and goals with the person’s participation.

Circle of Support

The Circle of Support should be considered as an ongoing and ever developing aspect of person-centered planning. The CSC will be prepared to assist the Supports Waiver participant on an ongoing basis to identify strategies to engage and invite individuals to be a part of their Circle of Supports. The CSC will assist the participant to determine what role each member of their identified Circle of Support will play in their lives and in their Supports Waiver services.

Individual Service Plan

The Individual Service Plan (ISP) is the person-centered plan for the Supports Waiver. The ISP must revolve around the individual participant and reflect their chosen lifestyle, cultural, functional, and social needs for successful community living. The participant leads or is encouraged and supported to lead the development of the ISP through pre-planning and planning meetings with their CSC. The participant may involve, if they so desire, family members or other individuals, including employees or providers, in the planning process.

24-Hour Emergency Back-Up Plan

The ISP also includes an Emergency Back-up Plan. This section lists who the participant will contact in an emergency or if regularly scheduled employees or service providers are unable to report to work. The individuals or agencies who provide back-up services are responsible for ensuring continuity of services and providing care while new employees are being on-boarded. An agency who is providing services is required to be listed on the emergency back-up plan and to provide back-up employees.


The participant’s ISP/budget request must be approved by the Third Party Assessor (TPA) before any services under Supports Waiver may begin. The Supports Waiver will not pay for any services, supports and goods provided or purchased prior to the approval of the ISP/budget.

The CSC completes a participant directed budget the in Financial Management Agency web portal and completes an agency-based budget worksheet through Third Party Assessor Health Portal.

Community Supports Coordinator Waiver Tool Kit

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