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Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver

Since the late 1970’s there has been a national movement to provided services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities in the community rather than in institutions. While there has been a significant shift to community-based care nationwide, New Mexico is the leader in this area.

Starting in 1999, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched its first self-directed Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver program, named Mi Via. Mi Via, is the result of the efforts of many individuals and groups state-wide to realize the inclusion of self-direction as an option in New Mexico’s HCBS waivers.

Mi Via, which means “my path”, “my way” or “my road”, is designed to assist you in managing your own services and supports to live your best life.  Mi Via is about choosing self-direction over your home and community-based services, support and goods within your approved plan and budget.

Every five years New Mexico applies to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for federal approval to renew the Mi Via Waiver Program under d1915(c) HCBS waiver rules.

Please visit the Medical Assistance Division Registers page to find updates on the currently approved Mi Via Waiver and any requests for public comment.


    This program is a person-centered, community-oriented approach to deliver services and supports that assist eligible children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) or Medically Fragile conditions to participate as active members of their communities.

    The Mi Via Waiver is one of several waivers available in New Mexico. It is intended to provide a community-based alternative to institutional care that facilitates greater participant’s choice, direction and control over services and supports.

    The approach emphasizes:

    • That people with IDD oversee their lives as much as possible.
    • That people with IDD have opportunities to use resources in ways that enhance their lives and help them participate in their communities
    • A shared responsibility for the wise use of public dollars and the contribution that people with IDD and their families can make.
    • That the system is managed in a way that is efficient and fair to everyone.

    New Mexico’s self-directed waiver program’s guiding principles states that all participants:

    • Have value and potential
    • Will be viewed in terms of their abilities
    • Have the right to participate and be fully included in their communities; and
    • Have the right to live, work, learn, and receive services and supports to meet their individual needs in the most integrated settings possible within their community.

    Upon allocation for services and meeting medical and financial eligibility for Medicaid waiver services, a participant may choose Mi Via.  With the assistance of a consultant, participants develop their own Service and Support Plan (SSP) to meet their functional, medical, and social needs. Participants decide what services they need and how to spend their Mi Via budget.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver Frequently Asked Questions document for useful information including a general overview of the waiver program, resource allocation, service and support plans, and more.

    Contact Information 

    5300 Homestead Rd NE, Suite 228
    Albuquerque, NM 87110

    Program Manager
    Elaine Hill, Mi Via Program Manager

    How to Apply

    If you are currently being served by the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) or Medically Fragile Waiver (MFW) programs and you decide you want to participate in Mi Via, you need to fill out a Waiver Change Form (WCF). You will receive this form upon request from the MF Waiver Program Manager or the local Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Supports Division Office. Once this form is completed and returned, you will be contacted by a Consultant to participate in a transition meeting, enroll with the Financial Management Agency and develop your Mi Via Service and Support Plan and budget.

    If you are not yet in a waiver program, you must register for services with the Intake and Eligibility unit.

    Upon allocation for services, you will be able to choose to participate in Mi Via, New Mexico’s Self-Directed Waiver Program, by filling out a Primary Freedom of Choice form and choosing a Consultant Agency to assist you in self directing your services.

    Please visit the Regional Offices section of our website to find the contact information for an office near you.

    Service Standards

    The New Mexico Mi Via Service Standards, Appendix A through Appendix H are effective July 1, 2022.

    The Service Standards include program information as well as a description of approved services and provider qualifications.

    Employer of Record EOR

    An Employer of Record EOR is the individual responsible for directing the work of Mi Via employees and vendors for Mi Via participants. The EOR is not paid. An EOR is the common law employer of workers who provide waiver services.


    The registers below link directly to documents hosted on the Human Services Department (HSD) website. Please visit their Medical Assistance Division Registers page for a complete listing of proposed and final registers.


    Please visit the New Mexico Medicaid Provider Portal: Self-Directed Forms web page to access all Self-Directed Waiver forms, provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    Incident Reporting

    The following guide will assist with reporting critical incidents in the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver program and is available in both English and Spanish.

    Individual Transition Plan


    Please visit the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver Training section of our website to learn more.

    Know Your Rights Campaign

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a Final Rule addressing new settings and person – centered planning requirements for governing the 1915 (c) HCBS waiver programs including the Mi Via Waiver.

    Please visit the Director’s Office Settings Requirements section of our website to learn more.

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    Family Caregiver Alliance

    The Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) offers programs to support and sustain the important work of families and friends caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health conditions. FCA offers programs at national, state and local levels. A wealth of caregiving advice, resource listings, newsletters, fact sheets, research reports, policy updates and discussion groups are freely available. In addition to visiting their website, you may also call them at 1-800-445-8106 for more information.

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    Contact Information

    Please visit the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver Staff Directory page for a listing of staff members for this waiver program. Additional contact information for Consultant Agency Providers, Third-Party Assessor, Financial Management Agency, and Human Services Department are provided below.

    Consultant Agency Providers

    Consultants help Mi Via participants navigate throughout all the Mi Via processes. Consultant agencies must be approved by the state. Consultants provide education, assistance and guidance, such as with eligibility, pre-planning and development of the Service and Support Plan and the emergency back-up plan. The consultant offers information and tools, such as but not limited to, training and support with implementation of the approved plan and budget, hiring and supervising employees and providers, managing services, ensuring supports and monitoring the health and safety of a Mi Via participant.

    Please see our Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver: Consultant Agency Provider Listing to find contact information for a consultant agency near you.

    Third-Party Assessor

    The Third-Party Assessor (TPA) is Comagine Health (formerly Qualis Health) and they are responsible for determining medical eligibility for the Mi Via participants, and approving the Service and Support Plan and budget.

    Comagine Health

    ATTN: Mi Via
    P.O. Box 20910
    Albuquerque, NM 87154-0190
    866-962-2180 Toll-Free


    Financial Management Agency

    The Financial Management Agency (FMA) is Conduent (Formerly Xerox) and makes payment to employees for services rendered to the waiver participant. The FMA also processes employee timesheets or invoices, and bills Medicaid for services and goods approved on the Service and Support Plan.


    1720-A Randolph Road SE, PO Box 27460
    Albuquerque, NM 87125-7460

    505-924-2010 Phone
    866-916-0310 Toll-Free
    866-302-6787 Fax


    Human Services Department Medical Assistance Division

    The Exempt Services and Program Bureau of the Human Services Department (HSD) Medical Assistance Division (MAD) manages the FMA and TPA contracts referenced above.

    Mi Via & Medical Fragile Staff Manager
    Mi Via & Medically Fragile Unit
    Deanna DeHerrera


    Mi Via Social & Community Service Coordinator/Eligibility Specialist
    Mi Via Unit
    Jennifer Romero

    Mi Via Social & Community Coordinator/Billing Specialist
    Mi Via Unit
    Rachel Gonzales

    Mi Via General Email Address