The Human Services Department mission is: To transform lives. Working with our partners, we design and deliver innovative, high quality health and human services that improve the security and promote independence for New Mexicans in their communities.

DD Waiver Steering Committee

The DD Waiver Steering Committee is a subcommittee of the Advisory Council on Quality (ACQ) and supports the traditional Developmental Disabilities Waiver Program in the following ways:

  • To reinforce the person-centered philosophy.
  • To engage stakeholders “on the ground floor” in providing input and recommendations during policy considerations.
  • To assist the State DD Waiver Program with the on-going evaluation and improvement of the DD Waiver program.


Membership should be balanced and include self-advocates, families, provider agencies, advocacy agencies and other interested parties. Membership is not limited to ACQ members. Invitations are sent through ACQ interested parties list.


The DD Waiver Steering Committee will meet as needed depending on renewal process and timelines with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It is ideal for states to submit their application to CMS well in advance of their waiver expiration. The current DD waiver term is 7/1/2020 through 6/30/2026.

Agendas and Minutes


  • 4-12-23 Steering Committee Cancelled