Centennial Care

New Mexico Centennial Care was implemented on January 1, 2014 as a replacement to the outdated New Mexico Medicaid system.

As the state moves forward to further refine and implement its modernization plan, New Mexico seeks to try a different approach to slowing the rate of growth in the program while avoiding cuts.  Our vision is to build a service delivery system that provides the right amount of care at the right time in the right setting.  We aim to educate our recipients to become more savvy health care consumers, promote more integrated care, properly case manage the most at-risk members, involve members in their own wellness, and pay providers for outcomes, rather than process.  New Mexico believes that the up-front investment in “seeding” medical and health homes and investing in health literacy will return a healthier population and a reduction in the spiraling rate of growth.

Why is this good for New Mexico?

  • It modernizes the Medicaid program without cutting back on eligibility or necessary services, or hurting our providers;
  • It aligns incentives in the system so that all parties—the state, the plans, the providers and the recipients—are working towards the same goal of better health at less cost;
  • It puts New Mexico among the leading states in the design and implementation of a modern, efficient Medicaid program; and
  • It introduces “state of the art” techniques arrayed in a single, comprehensive system of care.
Centennial Care Comments
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