Changes are coming!

HSD made changes to some things. This included the way people could apply for or renew benefits. These changes were temporary. The changes had to be approved by the federal government. When the public health emergency ends, the temporary changes will end. We will get Back on Track with HSD normal processes. Getting Back on Track will make sure anyone who is eligible for HSD benefits can keep getting them.

The chart below shows the temporary changes that were made.


SNAP Emergency Allotments

Households that were approved for SNAP got extra benefits. This started January, 2021. Households got the highest amount available. It was based on the number of people in the house. This benefit will keep going through the Public Health Emergency.

To get Back on Track, Emergency SNAP benefits will end. This is when the Public Health Emergency (PHE) is over. Households that are approved for SNAP will get their normal benefits. The amount is based on eligibility.

See the amount of the increase in the chart below.

Household size Max Allotment You are Eligible for Emergency Allotment amount Total SNAP benefit
1 $250 $250 $95 $345
2 $459 $200 $259 $459
3 $658 $600 $95 $695
4 $835 $200 $635 $835

SNAP & Cash Interviews and Eligibility Extensions

Previously, you did not always have to do interviews to apply or renew SNAP and Cash. Benefits could continue without a new application.

To get Back on Track, interviews may be required to apply for or recertify a SNAP or CASH case. Interviews can be done in-person or by phone. An application must be submitted. It will be used to see if you are still eligible for SNAP or CASH. This is at the Interim Review (IR) and Recertification. You may lose benefits if you do not submit an application.

Medicaid Eligibility Extensions

Previously, those who were approved for Medicaid had it extended every three months. A renewal was not required. Anyone who did renew may have had benefits extended for 12 months. That is if they were still eligible. If you were approved for Medicaid, it was extended every three months. A renewal was not required. If you did renew, you may have had benefits extended for 12 months. That is if you were still eligible.

To get Back on Track, most HSD programs must be renewed. This starts again when the Public Health Emergency ends. You must complete your renewal. You will not keep getting benefits if you are not eligible. When your renewal date for a program is coming up, HSD will send a letter. The letter will say it is time to renew. Or you can renew online at



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