GME Expansion

The New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) announces the establishment of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Expansion Grant Program and the GME Expansion Review Board and Advisory Group to oversee the program. The purpose is to establish grants to fund new GME programs and expand existing programs to increase the health care work force in New Mexico, particularly in the fields of primary care and psychiatry.

The GME Expansion Review Board and Advisory Group are responsible for developing a state strategic plan for expanding graduate medical education training programs, reviewing grant applications and the grants awarded pursuant to the GME Expansion Grant Program Act. A priority will be given to expanding programs and providers in rural and frontier communities, and to programs serving historically underserved communities, including Medicaid beneficiaries.

GME Expansion Review Board Members

Name Organization
Dr. David Scrase Secretary, Human Services Department
Mark Chisholm Higher Education Department
Dr. Oliver Hayes Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. John Andazola Southern New Mexico Family Medicine
Dr. Dave Rakel
(Board Chair)
UNM School of Medicine
Dr. Alex Cvijanovich NM Pediatrics Society
Dr. Mauricio Tohen UNM School of Medicine
Dr. LaWanda Jim Northern Navajo Medical Center
Dr. Alisha Parada UNM School of Medicine


GME Expansion Advisory Group Members

Name Organization
Dr. Darrick Nelson Hidalgo Medical Services
Eileen Goode NM Primary Care Association
Dr. Sarah Friedberg UNM School of Medicine
Dr. Val Wangler Rehoboth McKinley Christian
Healthcare Services
Jamie Michael Doña Ana County Health
and Human Services
Dr. Joanna Fair UNM School of Medicine
Dr. William Bowen Northen NM Family Medicine
Dr. Jose Canaca UNM School of Medicine
Dr. Sabrina Gill UNM School of Medicine
Pamela Blackwell NM Hospital Association
Dr. Darra Kingsley NM VA Health Care
Dr. Elizabeth Romero UNM School of Medicine
Neal Bowen, Ph.D Human Services Department
Dr. Anjali Taneja Casa de Salud