To transform lives. Working with our partners, we design and deliver innovative, high quality health and human services that improve the security and promote independence for New Mexicans in their communities. 

Administrative Services Division

Carolee Graham, Director
Jeanette Lujan, Deputy Director
Richard Montoya, Deputy Director

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) provides the Department with support services, financial control and reporting activities for more than $10 billion.  Our goal is to maximize accountability through efficient and well-constructed business processes.


Administrative Services Division
P.O. Box 2348
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

ASD Bureaus

Accounts Payable & Payroll 

Evelyn Lagoy, Bureau Chief

Accounts Payable is responsible for all outgoing cash related transactions. Adhering to Model Accounting Practices, internal policies, and procedures accurately, timely, and efficiently to promote acceptable business practices and cultivate positive business relationships between HSD, its vendors, and customers.

Payroll works together with Office of Human Resources (OHR) by monitoring timely and accurate payroll reporting data to meet pay period deadlines. Providing excellent customer service is the focus when it comes to assisting HSD staff with employee questions and concerns regarding time-worked data, pay rate changes, tax rate changes, employee authorized payroll deductions, new employee information, marital and employee allowance changes. Payroll department is involved and dedicated in providing services for the over 1900 employees of the Human Services Department.

Accounts Receivable

Joseph Anaya, Bureau Chief

Accounts Receivable oversees the successful management of all HSD’s receivables and revenues while ensuring that all State and Federal laws and regulations are adhered by. Accounts Receivable ensures accurate recording of payments for good and services provided, while always providing excellent customer service to all internal and external customers.


Vacant, Bureau Chief 

The purpose of the Budget Bureau is to provide technical financial support to all HSD divisions and bureaus by facilitating accountability in spending. The budget bureau is responsible for budget development and administration; revenue and expenditure projections and analysis; budget transfers, personnel action, and contract budget approval; appropriation request development; operating budget development; funding and spending authority; fiscal analysis of changes in federal regulation; and fiscal analysis of proposed state and federal legislation.

Compliance & Admin

Crystal Martinez, Bureau Chief

The Compliance and Admin Bureau is responsible for overseeing and facilitating the department’s annual single and fiscal audit conducted by external auditors. Provides support for all ASD Bureaus. Maintains administrative functions over SHARE and fiscal agent web access for HSD employees. Working alongside each division and assisting in the day-to-day business operations of HSD.

Contracts & Procurement

Vacant, Bureau Chief

The purpose of the Contract Management and Procurement Bureau is to provide Customer Service to HSD Divisions with all procurement activities, contract development / processing, and obtaining “best value” through compliance with the New Mexico Procurement Code and the New Mexico Administrative Code.

Financial Accounting

Antoinette Solano, Bureau Chief

The Financial Accounting Bureau ensures the accuracy of all financial transactions as they are recorded in the General Ledger for each of the various HSD funds. Prepare consistent and timely reconciliations of the General Ledger, monthly trial balances by fund, and the preparation of year-end financial statements for the agency.

General Services

Lucas Trujillo, Bureau Chief

General Services Bureau is responsible for the infrastructure support of the Human Services Department (HSD) facilities operations including Property Management for forty-six (46) leased facilities and five (5) State Owned facilities statewide to include procuring office space for 2,000 Human Services Department staff. 

Grants Management

Alex Salcedo, Bureau Chief

The Grants Management Bureau prepares federal financial reports, reconciliations, requests for federal reimbursement for all Human Services Department Grants. The Grants Management Bureau provides oversight to ensure compliance with OMB Uniform Guidance and grant requirements. The Grants Management Bureau assists the various division with federal grant applications and submissions. The Grants Management Bureau works in collaboration with other State entities/agencies and Federal partners to monitor and establish all Federal Grants within HSD in accordance with Federal and State rules, regulations, and audit requirements.


Yvonne Martinez, Bureau Chief

The Restitution Services Bureau is responsible for managing the collection of claims by providing customer service to our clients of NM in a timely and effective manner, in accordance with federal and state regulations, policies and procedures.

State Disbursement Unit

Christina Clokey, Bureau Chief

The State Disbursement Unit (SDU) works closely with other bureaus and divisions within the Human Services Department. Our Unit conducts extensive research to ensure payments are posted in accordance with federal guidelines to ensure child support payments are posted to their respective cases accurately and on time. SDU works in conjunction with field office staff to adjust, refund and process specific payment methods requested by our customers. Additionally, we ensure payments submitted for child support obligations reconcile with bank deposits and electronic funds transfers on a daily basis.